JATO 20th Anniversary Event & Reception


 JATO (Japan Athletic Trainers Organization), a professional association of Japanese who acquired the Athletic Trainer Certified (ATC) accredited by the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) accredited as an allied health care profession in the United States, established in 1996, JATO became the first official affiliate of NATA in 2014, celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2016


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment, we have decided to host the reception, keynote lecture, talk show, educational seminar as follows for the purpose of citizen's awareness of sports medicine science and eventually the athletic trainer position.

 At the keynote lecture · talk show, Mr. Kosuke Kitajima (Coca-Cola / Perform Better Japan representative) and Ms. Kaori Icho (ALSOK) are invited, and they will talk about what is desirable for the development of Japanese sports culture after 2020 and what is necessary for fighting Japanese athletes in the world, focusing on how sports medicine science support should be. 

We look forward to your participation.


Date and time2017/2/11(Sat) 12:30~20:00 (check in 12:00~)


LocationNihon University Sangencyaya campus 1st building 3F

(address: 154-0002 Shimouma 3-34-1 Setagayaku Tokyo, Japan)


Seating Capacity300 people


Target Various trainers/instructor workers, medical professionals, sports leaders/division advisors, guardians of athletes, trainers, students who wish to apply for education, etc.


Entry Fee

■ 20th-anniversary event of JATO establishment: 2,000 yen (advance payment), 3,000 yen (same day cash/on-site payment)

■ 20th-anniversary reception of JATO Establishment: 5,000 yen



Participants of the EBP Seminar will be charged free for an entry fee for the 20th-anniversary event.

Regarding the 20th anniversary reception, only applicants who have invited guests, JATO members, and annual symposium (held on February 12) participants can participate.



We have closed the advanced registration.

On-site registration is still available.


 Registration and Payment Deadline

Advanced registration deadline: 2017/2/8 (Wed)

In case of Pre-payment deadline: 2017/2/9 (Thu)

※ If the transfer cannot be confirmed by the deadline on above, we will respond by cash on the day (3,000 yen), so please visit.


Account Information

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Shibuya Branch (store number 135) Saving deposit 3990801

Account holder: JATO Account Tsuji Naoyuki

※ 1. A confirmation email of transfer will be sent by simultaneous transmission on January 18 and February 1.

(We will consider it as a guide only.) We appreciate your understanding.

※ 2. Please be sure to keep the transfer record and bring it on the day. (It may be confirmed)

※ 3 It is a different destination from "18th JATO Athletic Training Symposium 2017".

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Contact Us:

Japan Athletic Trainers' Organization Secretariat



 Time Schedule

12: 00 ~ 12: 30 Registration


12: 30 ~ 12: 35 Opening


12: 35 ~ 12: 45 Sponsor time


12: 45 ~ 13: 30 (45 minutes)

Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games Report Seminar (Classroom 1310)

Instructor : Ms. Haruko Hirai "Conditioning and Challenges of Girls Sevens Japan National Team"

Lecturer : Ms. Masuyo Oishi "Local support report at the Rio Paralympic Games"


 3: 30 ~ 14: 00 (Half an hour)

Hands-On seminar by athletic trainer 1 "What is ATC" (Classroom 1310

Dr. Hideyuki Izumi, Chairman of JATO


14: 00 ~ 14: 30 coffee break


14: 30 ~ 15: 15 (45 minutes)

Hands-On seminar by athletic trainer 2 * Chooses one out of three.

Lecturer (Classroom 1307): Capacity 120 people

Mr. Katsuhiro Ichihara "How to make a safety management system at a sports site - Emergency action plan -"Lecturer (Classroom 1308): Capacity 80 people

Ms. Honda Nami "Prevent low back pain and improve posture"

Lecturer (Classroom 1309: Capacity 80 people

Mr. Tadayoshi Takahashi "What is your foot type? ~ Know the type of foot to prevent obstacles!"


15: 15 ~ 15: 30 break


15: 30 ~ 16: 15 (45 minutes)

Hands-On seminar by athletic trainer 2 * Choose one out of three.

Lecturer (Classroom 1307): Capacity 120 people

Mr. Katsuhiro Ichihara "How to make a safety management system at a sports site - Emergency response plan -"

Lecturer (Classroom 1308): Capacity 80 people

Ms. Honda Nami "Prevent low back pain and improve posture"

Lecturer (Classroom 1309): Capacity 80 people

Mr. Tadayoshi Takahashi "What is your foot type? ~ Know the type of foot to prevent injuries!"


16: 15 ~ 16: 45 coffee break


16: 45 ~ 18: 00 (75 minutes)

Keynote lecture, talk session (Classroom 1310)

"Beyond Above and Beyond 2020 - Beyond2020 -"

Kosuke Kitajima (Coca-Cola / President of Perform Better Japan)

Ms. Kaori Icho (ALSOK)


18: 00 ~ 18: 10 Closing


18: 10 ~ 18: 30 Break / Move


18: 30-20: 00 reception

Talk Session:

Above and Beyond 2020
















Mr. Kosuke Kitajima (Coca-Cola / President of Perform Better Japan)


Ms. Kaoru Icho (ALSOK)



What are the two gold medalists who have lead the world for more than 10 years, what have they felt, what are they thinking and face the competition through years of competitive life? 2020, and to the development of Japanese sports culture afterward, they will talk about what is necessary for the Japanese athlete to fight in the world, centering on the desired way of sports medicine science support.

Rio Olympics Paralympic Games Report Seminar

Ms. Masuyo Oishi


(Public wealth) Japan Disabled People Sports Association official recognition Elementary class Disabled sports instructor

(Sports Promotion Center) National Sports Science Center Sports Science Division High Performance Unit

In case of



"Local support report on Rio Paralympics"



The National Sports Science Center (JISS) received "2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and Paralympics Collaborative Cooperative" and accepts para (disabled) athletes from this April this year. 2016 Regarding local support at Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games, since last year, she was in charge of preparation for setting up a training area in Rio Para HPSC (High Performance Support Center) project. At the time of the Paralympic Games, we provided functions that can be actively conditioned, with limited space, and assisted the use of para athlete. Based on the use situation at Rio Para HPSC, the consideration about "support of para athlete" and "strengthening para athlete" from the viewpoint of ATC and CSCS will be reported.


Ms. Masuyo Oishi Career Summary:

Born in 1969. She is from Tokyo. Graduated from Nihon University College of Philosophy, Physical Education.

Graduated from University of Nevada, Las Vegas (Department of Health Science Dept. Athletic Training)

1998 Jack D. Close Physical Therapy Clinic (the State of Nevada)

1999 WPSL (Women 's Professional Softball League) Team Georgia Pride Trainer

From 2001, Denso women's softball team exclusive trainer

Since December 2003, she was mainly responsible for training of women's wrestling and women's softball training instructor (full-time) at the National Sports Science Center (JISS)


From September 2005, she became freelance, she has worked as a team trainer related to Japan Softball Representative and JISS part-time training instructor and has been working since April 2015 (in charge of the JISS Sports Science Department Specialist Paralympic Games)担当)。 

Haruko Hirai


Japan Rugby Football Association



"Conditioning and issues of Japan Women’s national Sevens team"



Seven-person rugby (known as Sevens) who joined the new event from the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. We will report about our efforts at the Japan National Team Rugby Japan (Sakura Sevens) including condition management and injury prevention from Olympic games to November 2015 after winning the competition. Also, I will talk about the challenges for 2020 from the reasons why living in the athlete village, the surrounding environment, and the inability to acquire medals that aiming for could not be achieved.


Haruko Hirai Bio:

2000 - 2004 Ritsumeikan University Faculty of Economics Department of Economics, Department of Service Management Graduate

2009 - 2011 Graduated from the Department of Athletic Training at the San Diego State University Movement Physiology Department

She graduated from the Department of Athletic Training at the San Diego State University Movement Physiology Department in 2011 after engaging in a sales job at a pharmaceutical company. After returning to Japan, while training at the Fujimura Women 's Junior High School High School Rhythmic Gymnastics Department, as a head - athletic trainer of the female seven-person rugby from 2013, it carries out over 250 days of camp and overseas expedition annually, troubleshooting and day-to-day she is concentrating on conditioning. In addition, serve as Immediate Care In Sports Instructor, Trainer Division of Japan Rugby Football Association Medical Committee.

Hands-on Seminar by Athletic Trainer

Hands-On seminar is the time to experience every part of activities of the athletic trainer on a daily basis.


Sports instructors, school sports, people involved in exercise and sports instructional facilities, general people are targeted.

Katsuhiro Ichihara

MS, ATC, PES, AHA Heart Saver Instructor

Non-Profit Organization Sports Safety Japan


Title: "How to make a safety management system at a sports site - Emergency action plan -"



In order to enjoy sports, it is a prerequisite that it can be "done safely", and the causes of sports accidents are said to be "impossible" and "ignorance". People who are involved in the sports field acquire correct knowledge, and each causes actions properly, thereby realizing a safe sports environment.

In order to do that, it is necessary to have a well-prepared plan in advance. What is an emergency action plan and what should be prepared and how? Because the role sharing when an emergency occurs is clearly decided, he will explain in a lecture how quickly we can respond.

In addition, a simulation before and after the lecture, nothing have them realize how much correspondence of the difference comes out in a state of being to understand firmly after the lecture and a not ready state plan ready.


Katsuhiro Ichihara Bio:

2008 Waseda University Human Sciences Division Health and Welfare Science Degree

Graduated from Bridgewater State University 2011

Seattle Mariners' Minor League Athletic Trainer 2012 - 14

2014 WBC China representative athletic trainer

2014 - Chief Director of NPO Sports Safety Japan Japan now

2015 - ALIGNE representative

2015 - Currently Waseda University Football athletic trainer

2015 - Current LPGA girl pro golfers exclusive athletic trainer


While studying in Waseda, he worked as a student trainer at the football team. Bridgewater State University during the student to, and experience the student intern the MLB Mariners started in the NFL and MLS team, after graduation engaged in the development of young players as an athletic trainer at the minor teams of the MLB Mariners. After returning to Japan is committed personal trainer of freelance as ALIGNE representative, beside to be active as Waseda University Schrader football part athletic trainer, the spread of safety and environmental improvement of the sports scene as chief director belongs to the NPO Sports Safety Japan.

Ms. Nami Honda


Representative of LITTLE Gym Corporation


Title: "Back pain prevention and posture improvement"

Contents: It is a class of practical skills that train hard about the buttocks (hip joint). It is not a hard exercise. We do not use weights. Even with a simple exercise that does not sweat, various effects can be obtained by narrowing down points.

In addition to the trainer who is instructing the training, please feel free to join the sports leader, the guardian, the person who wants to wear exercise for himself. "Training is a handy thing" and it is a class that will trigger to know "a little trick and difference in effect."


Nomi Honda's bio:

1998 - 2000 Japan National Badminton Team

1998 ~ Activity as active trainer of actress Norika Fujiwara actress

Musical "Marugrid" (2011), Cabaret "(2010),

"Drowsy chaperon" (2009) The stage "Overseas" (2003), the movie "SPY_N" (1998)

Activities as an exclusive trainer of Mr. Kane Kosugi actor 1998 - 2003

(1998 - 2003) Movie "Muscle Heat", instructing muscle training throughout the year

2004 Saitama National Body Tokyo Youth Men's Basketball Team


After graduating from Oklahoma College, she enrolled in Major Trainers, Inc. Acting as a trainer for actresses, actors, talent, and others who are active in the stage and TV. From 1998 to 2000 she served as an official trainer for the Japan National Badminton Team.

Opened LITTLE Gym in 2004. Incorporated in 2012 to LITTLE Gym Corporation. Currently, besides athletes, they are instructing exercise for the purpose of improving indefinite chief complaints such as low back pain/shoulder and knee pain, elimination of desk work exercise shortage, hobby dance and sports performance improvement.

Tadayoshi Takahashi

ATC, ABC accredited Pedorthist (C. Ped)

Guardians Athletic Training & Therapy, Waseda University Rugby Football Club Rehabilitation Coordinator


Title: "What is your foot type? ~ Know the type of foot to prevent injuries! ~"



There are certain types on the feet as well, as there are features and types on each face. For example, it is a flat foot where the inside arch is low and a foot part of the high arch which the arch is so high that it is likely to fall to the outside. Depending on its type, there are features in walking style, which also affect sports obstacles. In this course, I will show you what kind of foot type is. In actual practice, we will actually show the type of foot and introduce the exercise which becomes disability prevention or rehabilitation.



After engaging in teaching as a coach of the baseball club at Eizonou Gakuen High School and playing in Koshien, I went to the United States and studied sports medicine. After returning to the country, he worked for nine years as a full-time athletic trainer looking at the activity of the entire school in Japan at Waseda University for the first time in Japan. Currently, he is teaching sports rehabilitation centered on obstacles in the foot in Tachikawa, and he is also serving as a rehabilitation coordinator for Waseda University Rugby football club. From 2007 to 2013 he served as a director of JATO, from which he served as Vice Chairman of JATO from 2011 to 2013.



JATO Director / Symposium Chairperson: Daisuke Uematsu

JATO Director and Symposium Vice Chairman: Kenji Sasaki

JATO Symposium Committee: Toshimitsu Ishizuka, Kanae Inoue, Ayumi Shimada, Masashi Terada, Hideki Matsumoto, Kuniko Yamamoto

JATO Executive Director: Naoyuki Tsuji