JATO Japanese ATC Interview Series Vol.11

---Why did you decide to be an Athletic Trainer?---

 I was considering Athletic Training as my occupation after working as an athletic training student for the American football team at Waseda University for four years. Working under the supervision of Jiro Shikakura, ATC influenced my dream of being an Athletic Trainer. Also, I was concerned that our society was not safe enough for young athletes. In my senior year of college, I started wondering how we could improve this situation. I researched and found that Athletic Training education in the United States focused on emergency skills and injury prevention, so I decided to study there. Delivering athletic training service where it was not provided became one of my career goals.


---Tell us any of your memorable experiences at school or work---

 During my intern and as a Certified Athletic Trainer, I was lucky enough to work with and learn from Athletic Trainers who have over 25 years of experience. Sometimes Athletic Trainers are judged by the reputation of their employers or techniques they have. I believe their attentiveness when treating patients and work ethics built over their careers have more of an impact on my working philosophy. Now that I supervise Athletic Training students at a college, I always ask myself, "What would they do if they were in this situation?"


---What is your current job?---

I am a member of a Non-profit organization, Sports Safety Japan, and promote safe administration in sports, which is one of the reasons why I wanted to be an Athletic Trainer. This is my life's work. I also run my own business, "ALIGNE", and work in a variety of fields using my Athletic Training background. I am always seeking out new fields for Athletic Trainers, not only in a sports setting. In my practice, I support the American football team at Waseda University and the Men's Lacrosse team at Musashi University as an Athletic Trainer. I also work at Yokohama Baseball Osteopathic Clinic to prevent young baseball players from serious elbow injuries. I also coordinate an internship program relating to sports and offer a support program for those who want to study Athletic Training in the U.S. A program on improving personal health is another service I offer with my business outside of the sporting field as an Athletic Trainer/Health Management Advisor.


---How is your schedule on an ordinary working day?---

 Since my locations vary, I see different people every day. Basically, I am on the field on weekends, and every day other than that my schedule varies.


---What do you think about JATO?---

I believe JATO is a great organization which has common goals in promoting Athletic Training in Japan and connecting with those in the field in other countries.


---What do you think the benefit of being a member of JATO is?---

Having opportunities to communicate with other ATCs who are working both in Japan and abroad is one. Also, you can see different places of work, ethics, and styles, which may inspire your future practice as an Athletic Trainer.


---Please leave a message for future Athletic Trainers---

If you have an interest in this work, be honest with yourself. Try to make your choice the best than spending the time to look for the best.