JATO Japanese ATC Interview Series Vol.7

How is everyone going there?

It is only half of a month left in this year, and I assume everybody is having a busy end of the year.

Now, we have been introducing activities of JATO members who are active in the world as a relay format introduction project on the 15th of every month through Facebook and Homepage (Blog column).

Last month we had an interview with Ms. Ichige who is practicing powerful activities every day, but this month we will have Ms. Inoue introduced from Ms. Ichige. Ms. Inoue's interview is about Athletic Trainer, child care, and nursing care. Please take a look. 


JATO Public Relations Committee


--- Please tell us what motivated you to be an Athletic Trainer (ATC) ---

 "In the magazine called Olive that I had often read when I was a high school student, there was an article by Ms. Sugiyama Chinami as an introduction to the occupation called ATC. It was the first opportunity to know about ATC."


--- What are the best memories of America when you were there? - -

"When I covered men's gymnastics department at the University of Western Michigan, there was an expedition which was planned to go only by athletes originally, but the players told the coach that the trainer is necessary for the team, and they said that they will make a donation if they don't have enough budget. Then I went the expedition with the team.

It was an event that I felt that my work and existence value was recognized by the players.


--- Please tell us about Ms. Inoue's work and policy on work ---

"Currently I am working as an athletic trainer in the medical fitness department of Hachioji Sports Orthopedic Surgery. With cooperation with sports orthopedic surgery, I return athletes to their sports after surgery and instruct training to athletes and sports lovers. The policy of working is to bring out the possibilities of each client maximally and to help them keep playing their favorite sports for a long time. "


---Please tell me the flow of the day ---

"I work as a short-time nursing care work from 9:30 to 16:00, in which I will train a client for 60 to 90 minutes per each."


 --- What is JATO for Ms. Inoue? - -

"The convention at the time JATO was launched is a memorable convention for me, that I and my friend who were student trainers drove from Michigan to Florida for 24 hours.

While the Internet had not developed as in modern times, without JATO I think that I could not have contact with ATC people who are active in the United States and Japan.

I am surprised that it has been 20 years since then, now JATO has become an official NATA affiliate and I am pleased that the number of members has increased to such an extent that I cannot imagine from then.

I think JATO which is the official NATA affiliate, is a place where you can get and learn the latest athletic training topics and connect people who cannot meet alone by yourself. "


--- Please tell us the merit of joining JATO. - -

"I think that everyone understands that you can get CEU and learning opportunities while still in Japan.

A student studying abroad have benefited from having information on the current situation of ATC in Japan and employment situation, as well as being able to interact with various people. "


--- Please give a message to students who are aiming for ATC ---

"All things that happen in this world are inevitable and necessary, and happen at the best timing" is my favorite word.

As I experienced, Why must students do such a thing? Why does such a thing happen?

Those things will happen, and it will continue even in society.

Nevertheless, things seemingly disgusting events for you will be a benefit for you.

Especially for women, I think that many things collide with various walls in marriage, childbirth, childcare, nursing care, and doing work. By my experience of childbirth and childcare, I left away from the task of banding to the team as before, but I have been able to study from many patients in sports orthopedic surgery and increase my choices.

In addition, experiencing a change in one 's own body of pregnancy and childbirth should definitely be positive as a female trainer. The same thing can be said for nursing care.

I have been taking care of my mother two years ago, but I cannot count what I learned through nursing care, which I think is also leading to increasing my choices.

For people who work hard for being ATC, you might see events that may be detouring while aiming at ATC, even if things that you cannot do anything by yourself will happen,

Continue to have a strong mind to be ATC and do what you can do now.

And do not forget to always appreciate the people and the environment surrounding you. "


Ms. Inoue, thank you very much for taking time for an interview with your busy schedule.

It can be seen how you have spent your life.

We can see her strong message at last sentence, which made us feel that we need to appreciate "the current environment".


Next month, I would like to interview "powerful and gentleman athletic trainer". Please look forward to it!!